How Are New Technologies Affecting Hiring At EA?

In November 2018 I hopped on a plane to Berlin to present at Tech Rec 2018; a conference “dedicated to tackling challenges in finding and hiring tech talent”. This was the first time speaking at a conference abroad and I was so freaking excited! My talk wasn’t filmed so instead I’ve written a summary with my … Continue reading How Are New Technologies Affecting Hiring At EA?

The 25 Hottest Skills of 2013 on LinkedIn

Incredible stuff! This is proof that the Digital market is moving onwards and upwards. Also notice that 'Statistical Analysis and Data Mining' is in 5th place, I'm sure we can bump it up a few places by the end of next year!Got LinkedIn? Feel free to connect with me 

Information is Beautiful

I am about to purchase Information is Beautiful by David McCandless (a lovely recommendation from a fellow Analytics enthusiast). He is widely regarded, and I too agree, as the artisan who has united analytics and art into the medium of Infographics; a fantastic way to visually consume data.