The Recruitment Ghosts of Past, Present and Future

With only 2 working days left of the year, the dreaded (or exalted) end of year review will be upon you. However, the most significant end of year review is exempt from the opinion of your boss, friends’ or family. The responsibility lands on you to simply ask, “Am I happy with this year?”

I’ve made an illustrious reference to Dickens ‘Christmas Carol’ as your personal review should assess the past, present and future; what you achieved this year, where you are right now and what this year has set you up with for the following.

Are you happy with the answers to all these questions?

Did you reach those work targets and if not, why not? What held you back? And if so, what remuneration did you get? Were you acknowledged for your achievements? Have you improved on the previous year?

Looking at your current situation right now, is this where you wanted to be this time last year? What got you to where you are now? Are you fulfilled?

How are you prepared for the coming year? What milestones are you looking forward to? Are your targets realistic?

Often, we can become comfortable in routines and perform less self-analysis. If you aren’t happy with the answers to these questions, perhaps a change of career is what you need. A change of environment, an alteration to your projects, a chance to learn more of something new! The road to modifying and IMPROVING your career can be a daunting one, but very often, a necessary one.


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