Don’t Quit Your Job…

Jim Rohn

There we have it, another obvious observation; you’re not a tree. With all the New Year buzz there is the sweet, though often annoying (no one wants to see your 2013 slideshow), smell of change in the air with another chapter closed.

Very often at this time you can look back over your year and have an epiphany…YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR JOB! After countless chocolate, booze and mince pies, some people even realise they HATE their jobs.

Right, now is the time for action! Tell that greedy horrible boss of yours to do one! That’s right, do one! In the first week of January you get yourself psyched. You speak to your friends who all cheer a “HOORAH!” for you before you charge into that passive aggressive battlefield. You’ve read through your contract, you know your Rights and you want to get out of the there.

But WAIT! Don’t quit your job, until you have other opportunities lined up or a job to go into. Enthusiasm and activity is a good thing, but think logically. What if you quit your job with no plan for your next move? You will feel elated and liberated only for a fleeting moment. When the end of the month comes and you have little funds and no interviews to attend, suddenly it will come hitting home. It could take weeks’ or months’ to get into something you enjoy and the longer you’re unemployed, the less appealing you will seem.

So if you’re thinking of moving, pro-actively seek that place of work, salary or role that would make you happy before throwing in the towel. Think about working with a Recruitment Consultant exclusively. This way you won’t be hounded by countless recruiters and once a Recruiter knows you’re exclusive, they will pour countless hours into making sure you have multiple interviews for the right types of jobs for you!

All the best for a great start to 2014!

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