Valentines Day Analytics Infographic

Using data from Google Analytics, Nielsen, and Experian, Phoenix and NYC-based digital marketing firm iAcquire examined 2012 web traffic and behavioral data across several leading online dating sites. The study’s goal was to determine patterns in online dating around Valentine’s Day, and to see who was doing what with whom online.


The Analytics of Valentines Day and Online Dating Sites (Infographic) image iAcquire VDAY Analytics7

3 thoughts on “Valentines Day Analytics Infographic

  1. Actually no, it does show that people are in a more romantic mood in the following,
    A: They are less likely to use the dating websites because they are not on their computers.
    B: They are more likely in the spirit of the day than seriously looking for a life long companion.
    C: Due to spending on their “partners”, they are less likely to have money for GYM or dates.

    Its less about where your looking than what your looking for…

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