Wearable Tech Will Be A Data Game

Riaan Conradie, Founder of LifeQ – “The future of wearables is not wearables per se…but it’s more about analysing and using that data”

2015, the year of [please insert technology here]!!!!

Yes, it seems that every blog, magazine and business section in your daily newspaper has their predictions for what’s going to be the big thing of 2015. I’m not going to do that.

Christmas and New Year has been and gone (though the holiday weight is not polite enough to leave just yet), but the analogue watch I acquired through the festive period is still strapped to my left wrist. Don’t despair, this is not a bragging exercise, but merely an explanation on how I got to thinking about wearable technology and its impact for 2015.

What’s truly exciting about wearable tech, is the analytics opportunity.

For the majority, wearable technology is seen as a set of products that will enhance our lives in a host of ways: healthcare, more accessible apps, looking cool, etc. But think about it, we (well, Analysts) will be able to analyse our lives to a new, before unreachable depth and build profiles of ourselves we wouldn’t have been able to previously. This data can be used to radically improve future products and services.

Simply, the industry will snowball. We will see wearable tech becoming more commercial this year, the more people use it the more we can analyse the data and turn this into actionable insight. Use that data for the next set of products and services, and it starts again. Thrilling hey!?

As always though, there will be many that will feel it’s not worth a breach in privacy. But that’s not for now (check out this blog post)

Interested to hear your thoughts, so feel free to drop by – joe.burridge@welovesalt.com +44(0)2079 282 525

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