Guest Appearance on the Talk Talent To Me Podcast

talk talent to me

When I joined Electronic Arts in September 2017, it meant saying goodbye to my life in Central London. Getting the tube to work every day meant I could blast through so many books and articles (I was one of those people who would read my Kindle one-handed even when crushed between a few dozen other commuters) but that all changed when I left the city and I started to drive to work.

Very quickly I discovered the delightful world of podcasts and I have been iterating on my subscription list to the point where now I am really happy with the 12 shows I listen to regularly. My favourite work-related podcast (i.e. one that discusses all things talent acquisition) comes from the folks at HIRED and that’s Talk Talent To Me. I’m so pleased to announce that this week I was a guest on the show!

Follow the link below to listen to the episode where we talk about EA’s new app for candidates, Interview Sidekick, as well as why in the UK we steer away from full day on-site interviews. 

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