I’m passionate about hiring people that create incredible tech products. And I love video games. I’ve been finding talent for tech companies since my career began, starting in recruitment agencies hiring for start-ups to global brands such as Badoo, Mind Candy, Tesco, Booking.com, Expedia, Barclaycard, NOKIA (Here), MoneySuperMarket and Zipcar.

My first in-house role came when I worked at Hudl where I was part of the talent acquisition team that grew the company from 200 – 1,000+ in 2.5 years’.

Now, I’m a Senior Recruiter at Electronic Arts working from their UK office in Guildford where I’m helping to build teams across EA’s European Studios (Criterion, DICE, Ghost, Frostbite, SEED) along with a whole bunch of other teams.

A few other facts about me: I’m a Bruins fan, I partake in eating competitions (5 wins, 2 losses), I’m a triathlete, I write blogs (duh!), I’ve visited 17 capital cities, I have 5 siblings, I love video games, my daughter’s called Delilah and I play the guitar.


If you would like to get in touch, my email is jburridge@ea.com.


One thought on “ABOUT ME

  1. Welcome to the community of WordPress and thank you for following my blog. I am truly honoured! My paternal grandfather left Wales as a teen to immigrate to Canada…and that`s where I come from…well, his wife is from Ireland and I supposed my parents had a hand at making me too. Greetings from Montreal, Oliana

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