The Problems with Big Data & Data Science Hiring

Rusty Frioux - “Big Data isn’t magic" There are always going to be problems when trying to hire in a space which is new, exciting but importantly, largely misunderstood. I say largely misunderstood, though the Data professionals of this world know exactly what they’re talking about. The problems start when these people aren’t deeply involved … Continue reading The Problems with Big Data & Data Science Hiring

Big Data & Data Science Twitter Q&A

  BIG DATA & DATA SCIENCE TWITTER Q&A! FRIDAY 23rd MAY @ 1PM - 2PM (London, UK) Michael Cutler (@cotdp) will be leading this Twitter Q&A. Michael is CTO and Co-Founder of Data Science Startup TUMRA Solutions (@TUMRA) HOW? Follow Salt (@SaltJobs) and Michael (@cotdp). Ask a question and use the hashtag #AskSalt

What is a Data Scientist?

I find the hardest part about being a Recruitment Consultant who specialises in Big Data & Data Science is keeping on top of this accelerating, contemporary market. I truly have to consult and educate companies about what Big Data and Data Science is, how it will improve their business and what this type of person … Continue reading What is a Data Scientist?

Big Data’s Big Debate: Does Intuition Have a Place in Data?

Nate Silver – “Data-driven predictions can succeed — and they can fail. It is when we deny our role in the process that the odds of failure rise. Before we demand more of our data, we need to demand more of ourselves”No doubt you’ve heard ‘the hype’ about Big Data and that we need it…RIGHT … Continue reading Big Data’s Big Debate: Does Intuition Have a Place in Data?

Big Man on Google Campus

David White – “The companies who say that they don’t use the data they have acquired, in 5 years won’t exist” Naturally, it was raining in London last night so it was good to be snuggled into the ground floor of the Shoreditch Google Campus surrounded by like-minded Data Analytics enthusiasts. Why were we there? To … Continue reading Big Man on Google Campus