Job Hunting? Hiring?

Russel Honore – “When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed” Russel Honore is not wrong! Look at this happy-go-lucky terrier taking a joy ride on a horse. Whether you’re job hunting or hiring, collaborating effectively with your Recruitment Consultant will amount … Continue reading Job Hunting? Hiring?

Recruitment Dilemma: Who Would You Leave Behind?

Frank Zappa – “Art is making something out of nothing and selling it”Here’s the situation. You’re an owner of a highly successful Recruitment Company, and from out of nowhere a highly trained team of assassins burst into your office, pin you to the floor and put a gun to your head. You may live, but … Continue reading Recruitment Dilemma: Who Would You Leave Behind?

Recruitment Dilemma: “More Money” More Problems

Biggie Smalls – “I don't know what they want from me, it's like the more money we come across the more problems we see” Here’s the situation. You have spent weeks prepping your candidate through interview after interview and finally, after little deliberation, your client makes an offer that your candidate has claimed they would … Continue reading Recruitment Dilemma: “More Money” More Problems