Recruitment Dilemma: “More Money” More Problems

Biggie Smalls – “I don’t know what they want from me, it’s like the more money we come across the more problems we see”

Here’s the situation. You have spent weeks prepping your candidate through interview after interview and finally, after little deliberation, your client makes an offer that your candidate has claimed they would accept from the outset. Ecstatic, you call the candidate and say something to the effect of “congratulations you’re a winner!” and they reply, “more money”.

Recruitment is widely renowned as the trickiest of Sales positions as your ‘product’ can change its mind without warning, wonder off or tell you at the last minute they want a higher price from your customer. Imagine working in the Apple store and Siri piping up claiming that he’s actually happy where he is in the display case and not looking for a move at this time.

This is simply the nature of Recruitment, and the best consultants always narrow down their chances of failure by qualifying their candidates at every opportunity.

A simple response to this situation is to agree with your candidate, from the initial call, what they are currently/previously earning, what they’re looking for now and what figure they should realistically expect.

Propose throughout the interview process “if my client offered x, would you accept? Would you be happy for to accept on your behalf?” and make sure you know where else they are interviewing and what salary/rate is being proposed by other opportunities.

When it comes down to that offer call, hold off. Firstly, claim that it seems positive but the hiring managers are still thinking. Ask one last time, “if my client offered x, would you accept?” Wait a short while and call back with the offer. As your candidate only moments ago stated they would be happy to accept, your chances of closing have significantly increased.

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