So You’re In Analytics? Congratulations, You’re On The Right Track

Arthur C. Nielsen – “The price of light is less than the cost of darkness”

Google Analytics, Omniture, Big Data, petabytes and Business Intelligence. If you understand all of these terms, I feel that you are in a good place.

As Mr Nielsen eloquently points out, analytics is proving to be extremely valuable. Those select few who can master the seemingly never ending streaming of data and turn it into simplistic dashboards (for example) will become the next best thing since sliced bread.

Data is growing at an unfathomable rate. Here are some interesting statistics from Pingdom regarding 2012’s internet statistics:

  • 144 billion – Total email traffic per day worldwide
  • 634 million websites
  • 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide with 1.1 billion users in Asia
  • 85,962 monthly posts by Facebook Pages in Brazil, making it the most active country on Facebook
  • 1.2 trillion number of searches on Google  in 2012

I am soon to become a Recruitment Consultant that specialises in Analytics. Watch this space!

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