For The First Time, I Will Become an Uncle

My eldest sister (the one in green dress, not the pink) informed my 2 brothers and I today that we will all become Uncle’s next year! And words cannot describe the joy I’m feeling (but I’m going to give it a go anyway).

At 11:06 today I was mid-way through making new business calls and still had a number of leads to follow up on, a number of clients to catch up with and, as it is Friday, a number of CV’s to chase up.

On the other hand, at 11:06 today I also received a surprise message from my sister that I am going to become an Uncle!!! She also asked, “are you free to talk?” The answer was a simple one in my mind and I was on the phone to her immediately, whilst heading toward a quiet conference room.

In short, it is definitely important to stay focused on your work, complete your daily tasks and prioritise client concerns but do not become shut off from what you value in your life (I even knew a recruiter who wouldn’t get up to go to the toilet during his new business calls).

Congratulations again sister and here’s to a happy future!

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