The 6am Thumbs Up

Imagine this. You’re a 65+ year old man going out on your 6am stroll with the dog. Suddenly, some hooded fella starts running at you with some pace. He gets closer, and closer, and closer. When this nutter is just a couple meters away, he sticks up a thumb and shouts, “MORNING!”

That nutter was me this morning, acting on my new get fit regime (see yesterday’s post) and listening to very loud music. The point is to forget what your mum told you, and always speak to strangers.

Your social and business network is what will add value to your life and work.

Last night I attended the monthly Magento Users Meetup Group held in Clerkenwell. This is an opportunity for Software Developers, Business Owners and Recruitment Consultants to discuss a niche e-commerce application, Magento. Now I’m not expecting you to have ever heard of it, but the point is that I got myself out there, spoke to people I have never met and aimed to build my network.

It’s not what you know. It’s not who you know. It’s who knows you.

Remember back to when you started at school, your job or moved into your property. You must have engaged with people you didn’t know at one point! It is easy to forget the importance of networking and become comfortable in your surroundings. Get yourself out of your comfort zone, speak to new people and gain new experiences!

You never know, I might see that old man again tomorrow and the next day etc. and become best friends…

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