Hey Fatty! Lose Some Weight!

Last night I was bluntly told to lose weight.

And no, I didn’t take offence, my boxing trainer was right. In approximately 2 months’ time I will be participating in the Sweet Science at the Ministry of Sound in Elephant & Castle. The loss of weight will be a by-product of getting lean and in shape. But how do I do this?

Long-term goals are out of sight, and out of mind. We need acute short-term goals to succeed.

When my trainer says to me, “get fit!” or when my boss says, “make more money!” these are ambiguous end results. What we want is how to get there.

Make acute goals day-by-day and week-by-week. When I head to the gym, I know that I need to run x miles on the treadmill, do x pull-ups, x push-ups etc.

Example Target: Make More Money

  • How? Place people in jobs
  • How? Get people to pass interviews
  • How? Have people get to interview stage
  • How? Send the correct CV’s and profiles to clients’
  • How? Speak to the right people looking for jobs
  • How? Use job boards, LinkedIn, Meetup groups, Twitter, Blogs etc.
  • How? Speak to 30 candidates a day

Refine your processes and become a leaner recruiter. Plus, achieving goals is rewarding and provides positive energy. Even if those goals are really small, you will feel better for it.

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