Sexy Bill Gates

Caption Competition Winner: “Hey babe, It’s only Micro when it’s Soft”

Mistakes are overrated.

It seems as though that I read everywhere that 9 out of 10 businesses flop, you’re expected to nosedive when you start and “fail early and fail often”… blah blah blah. Why do people say this!?

Don’t let the doubts, qualms and reservations of others convince you that failing is the way forward. Other people’s failures are just that, other people’s failures.

With positive motivation, a certainty in what you’re doing and the right planning you increase the chances of succeeding first time!

A Harvard Business School study showed that previously successful entrepreneurs were 34% more likely to succeed in their next venture, as compared to failed entrepreneurs who had the same rate of success in their next endeavour as people starting a company for the first time (23%)[1].

What do we learn from mistakes?

We learn what not to do next time. Success provides us with what we should do. Success provides clarity and direction. This is why you will hear the phrase ‘Serial Entrepreneur’ as success breeds success!

After all this is said, mistakes are natural. We all know that, I’m sure I didn’t need to say it (but I didn’t want you thinking I’m crazy). You must actually learn from your mistakes. It is always down to you to correct yourself, build on what you have learnt and never use failure as a scapegoat for not succeeding.

And why the picture of Bill Gates at the top? You can feel better about yourself when you do slip-up, that you haven’t got a picture like this out on the internet (right?).

[1] Rework: Change the Way You Work Forever, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (2010)

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