Don’t Let Your Butterfly Flutter By

We live in a world where you cannot escape the glitzy bright lights of marketing. Brands telling us what to wear, where to go and essentially who to be. The competition is tough, the customers are fickle. The slightest error, bad decision or failed PR stunt won’t just turn one or two people against using your services, but potentially hundreds and thousands.

So, as a Recruitment Consultant, imagine all your candidates are butterflies.

Butterflies are delicate and fickle. They fly this way and that and are notoriously hard to catch, and even more so to keep hold of.

‘Hard Selling’ is over. No one wants to be told what to wear, where to go and who to be. We are autonomous beings capable of making our own decisions (did I mention butterflies are sometimes stubborn too).

The Hard Sell is you wanting to snatch, grab and hold that butterfly. You never let it go. Sadly, you will crush it. The Soft Sell allows for the informed thus autonomous decision. Become intimate, personable and empathetic to understand their needs and wants, then as the consultant provide genuinely useful advice. Instead of now being fickle and befuddled, this butterfly will fly with a clearer path.

Life is too short to not provide a quality service. Butterflies, on average, live for 1 month. Make a change this month, make it count and don’t waste time.

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