Oh My Godfather

Although I may well be a confirmed Catholic, I am by no means a religious man. But this did not stop me from being honoured to be the chosen Godfather to my 14 month old cousin on Sunday.

It truly was a divine day. Not a cloud in the sky, a serene location and most importantly, relatives assembling from all corners of the UK (and some as far as New Zealand) to come together for my two cousins to be Christened.

In life, take every opportunity to better yourself and those around you.

My cousins, Uncle and Aunt had been visiting for 3 weeks prior to this weekend and I have been longing to visit them. This weekend was the one opportunity I could and as luck would have it, that meant I was able to attend the Christening and become a Godfather. When luck presents such a heavenly opportunity, one should grasp it, cherish it and never forget it.

That’s where I see friendships and relationships go wrong time and again. Forgetting what lucky breaks you have, and then taking them for granted.

In business as well in life, when you have the opportunity to win the trust of another, whether it be client, candidate or colleague (the 3 C’s of Recruitment), grasp it! These opportunities are more seldom than you realise and that is what makes them truly special.



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