Gotham’s Reckoning, A Good Start for Inspiration

ImageBane played by Tom Hardy in the 2012 blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises provided everything I longed for in a villain; cunning, class and the ability to snap a superheroes spine (too much?).

My inspiration today though doesn’t come from the brutal Gotham terrorist Bane, but of the man behind the mask, Tom Hardy. Throughout Tom’s career, he leans toward the villain or disgruntled characters, as his shown in many of his persona’s in recent years (Charlie Bronson, a UFC Fighter, Forrest Bondurant and Bill Sikes in Oliver Twist).  Although he comes from a splendid upper-middle class family and raised in Hammersmith, West London, Tom spent his teens and early twenties battling delinquency, alcoholism and drug addiction.

So how am I inspired?

Tom Hardy has proven that you can be at the bottom, yet come back to be a distinguished and humble Hollywood actor.

Take this story into the business world, especially that of a sales environment. When your figures are low, your team isn’t performing, there’s low morale; be the person who is positive and get yourself out of that slump. ‘Peaks’ and ‘Troughs’ are natural, and that’s just it, they are natural so expect them. But be prepared for them.

When you’re in a slump, if you stay positive there will only be good times ahead.

If you’re not bringing in those Job Orders or new clients, have you assessed your KPI’s? Maybe you’ve become complacent and fallen behind on your calls. Or perhaps you’ve strayed away from your training and you’re not asking the simple question, “when can we meet?”.

Are you not getting those CV’s over to your Account Manager? Possibly you have become too settled in your routine of Job Boards and LinkedIn. Think of different ways to meet people. Try MeetUp Groups, Social Media and hey, maybe even a Recruitment Blog.

Even though Tom Hardy is great, don’t let something that has broken you stop you coming back to greater strengths!

 “I broke you. How have you come back?”

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