Embrace Office Politics

Stealing mouse balls. Throwing up at the Christmas party. Stealing food from the company fridge. Risqué skirts and questionable ties. Stealing company stationary. Quiet comments in the kitchen. Stealing a few extra moments at lunch. Cheeky after work discussions at the pub and passive aggressive arguments in front of everyone which create seriously awkward situations……

Sounds like Office Politics to me.

Of course, in my office, this is all unheard of because we are the best team that has ever been ever…with the odd indifferences.

What’s my point?

As learnt from a degree in Philosophy I have found that arguments, discussions and disagreements are far better than silence. When people come together and openly express their views, issues can be addressed, problems can be fixed and this allows for a freely constructive environment. Silence is like a brick wall, it stops you dead in your tracks.

HOWEVER the term ‘Office Politics’ has become synonymous with awkwardness, distasteful behaviour and a lack of progress. There is a time and place for emotions, but there is no time and place for emotion in an argument.

When you enter your work place remember that all of us have an E.G.O. (Everyone’s Got One), be sure to leave yours at the door.

PS, make sure to carry on stealing mouse balls, throwing up at the Christmas party and having cheeky after work discussions in the pub, just don’t take it personally.

3 thoughts on “Embrace Office Politics

  1. Hmm.. (are the only words that come to my mind). I have experience in recent times (a lot more), that not everything just works out because people speak. I have seen people come to a room and talk about stuff and express views and opinions, but many of them are because of ulterior motives. What said works very well to resolve differences and improve communications in teams, but when it is about power, this wont work.

    1. Agreed. Freedom of speech is indeed a gift and a curse. The point I’m making here is that it is better to have a room full of people talking (then whittle down all the crap and nonsense) than silence.

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