How To Win The World Cup…

Winston Churchill – “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”

From those who know me, they will be surprised that I am writing about Football. I don’t follow a club, I don’t go to Football matches and I don’t care for what Footballers do on and off the pitch. Yet, like many, my eyes are glued and my ears are pricked every 4 years when England drum up their best and head to the World Cup.

I’m sure my fellow countrymen and women will know of the deluded hype that the British media force upon us every 4 years about the potential for World Cup glory and the opportunity bestowed upon our side to rank up to immortal status.

Many become annoyed with this, but I say no. I feel that Winston Churchill puts it very well. What if next year all the papers came up with headlines like, “We’ll probably lose” and “It’s just football, sod it”? Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the inspiration in that?

I read recently that the two 2 key characteristics of successful people are optimism and tenacity. As the England team will never win the World Cup without them, you too will never succeed in your endeavours.

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