Work Hard! Play Hard! Rest Hard?

Oscar Wilde – “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess”.

It seems as though the phrase “work hard, play hard” (or if you’re super amazingly clever like me, you know it in Latin: Laboris Gloria Ludi) has been used to excess in the descriptions of company cultures since the words work, play and hard were invented.

I believe in such a phrase, though whoever created this encouraging expression has also missed off “rest hard”. As Oscar quite rightly puts it above, those who succeed don’t do so by being moderate, average or adequate. Yet even those Olympians, Entrepreneurs and Extreme Sports Athletes understand the power of rest and integrate it into their daily routines.

A good night’s sleep, holidays or even finishing work at the right time provides wondrous health benefits.

This is not me saying it’s alright to be lazy and slack off, quite the opposite. To achieve in what you’re doing you must have passion that is closer to excess than moderation, just don’t burn yourself out!

One thought on “Work Hard! Play Hard! Rest Hard?

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