Motherly Mother’s Day Advice from My Mother

As a Recruitment Consultant I’m always on the lookout for snippets of career advice, anecdotes about success and wisdom…so I can then post it on LinkedIn with a semi-related picture.

But seriously, I always ask my candidates, clients, colleagues, friends and even complete strangers how they have got to where they are now in their careers not just because it’s of genuine interest to me, but to try and impart that wisdom on those I consult for.

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday in the UK, who better to ask for some advice than my beloved Mumsy. She is a Head Teacher in South West England (so naturally she can be quite scary when you don’t send her a Mother’s Day card) and as such is used to advising others on their paths to take in life. Below is something my mum wrote back to me when I asked for career advice. Enjoy!

Education is the key. It gives you a passport for wider options. It doesn’t mean you’ll be given things on a plate but it opens up opportunities, more doorways to pass through, so don’t waste your talents. Work hard but make time for your interests. People skills are just as important to advance your career despite not being able to achieve a certificate in it. Be assertive but always treat people with respect. There will always be people in your career who can make life difficult for you. From experience I have learned you can’t change the people around or above you but you can change your reaction to them. Be bold, aim high and always be open minded to change because the world is an ever changing place”

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