Job Hunting? Hiring?

Russel Honore – “When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed”

Russel Honore is not wrong! Look at this happy-go-lucky terrier taking a joy ride on a horse. Whether you’re job hunting or hiring, collaborating effectively with your Recruitment Consultant will amount to a better experience.

WHEN JOB HUNTING, once the word is out that you’re looking for a move often it seems that a small army of recruiters come out of the wood work and want to talk to you about fantastic opportunities. Although it may seem that working with lots of recruiters will improve your chances of interview, it can turn out to be the opposite.

If you’re still in a job what you don’t want is countless calls to your mobile at work, having to book off mornings/afternoons repeatedly for unsuitable interviews and become stressed because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to recall which recruiter is representing each opportunity. This can lead to your boss becoming suspicious, you becoming less productive at work and failing interviews due to lack of confidence and preparation.

WHEN HIRING, it’s a similar situation. You put the advert out on the company page and you keep getting calls when irritating recruiters who more often than not, are not a specialist in your market. Also, you will notice that your advert responses are largely unsuitable. Your productivity at work is falling due to spending most of your time turning away incompetent recruiters and sifting through incongruous CV’s.

Whether you’re a job hunter or hiring manager, you could be losing time, money and productivity.


Choose 1 or 2 Specialist Recruitment Consultants for the types of positions you’re looking for. Provide them with an exclusive trial period of 2 weeks’. In this time, you will not post adverts or put your CV on the job boards. This will motivate your Consultant to go the extra mile for you. Make sure to provide clear and honest feedback about what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to be blunt but do be open to suggestions as they should be a specialist in the given market and should know much more current hiring trends than you do.

For the hiring manager, throughout the process keep your Consultant informed of other candidates in the process, changes in business process, what you don’t like about applicants etc. For the job hunter, inform your Consultant about where else you’re applying, what other interviews you have, any changes to personal situations and if you receive any offers.

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