Why to ask ‘Why?’ when no one asks ‘Why?’. But Why?

Albert Einstein – “The important thing is not to stop questioning”

I am the second eldest of 6 and my youngest sibling turned 9 today! Some of her top presents included a Harry Styles doll, lip balm and a new thing to do with Moshi Monsters. As much as it’s fun to see my brothers and sisters grow up, one (annoying) habit usually gets left behind; the need to always ask ‘Why?’.

This habit becomes slowly drilled out of us as we start to think that asking why is annoying, or perhaps asking the obvious question will be embarrassing. But the art of inquisition is essential to every part of recruitment.

I have always been taught that the best recruiters are those who understand their clients and candidates needs the best. These recruiters are the people who will be able to make the most accurate matches; hence create successful placements consistently and swiftly.

The biggest obstacle in questioning is convincing your subject to spend time answering your questions.

Though adding an extra 30 minutes to your job briefing may seem like a long time at that moment, it is having the extra minor details that will set you apart from any other recruiter. You will be the one who knows your clients biases and preferences.

When you are on the phone or with your candidate/client, don’t leave a question unasked. Find out everything you can because it can be the small intricacies which determine whether they hire your candidate, or take your clients job.

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