4 Reasons Not To Accept That Counter-Offer

Admiral Ackbar – “It’s A Trap!”

Currently feel undervalued? Waiting on a long awaited promised promotion? Being scrupulously micromanaged? Desk situated right outside a poorly ventilated toilet?

This sounds like a terrible start to a rather cheesy injury claims advert, but these are just a handful of reasons why someone would quit their job. So, why after taking the lengths to attain a new job (writing a CV, interviewing, testing etc.) would you accept a counter offer from your current employer!?

Like Admiral Ackbar said (he’s the legendary catfish looking fella from Star Wars pictured above), IT’S A TRAP!

Below I have compiled 4 reasons as to why you should never accept a counter offer.


If you’re counter offered, you will most likely be presented with a salary raise. Why do you need to quit to get a pay rise!? It’s definitely worth thinking about why you weren’t given this pay rise before. Perhaps this is proof that you’re not being valued. Also, 9 times out of 10, this will be a future pay rise simply moved forward.


Things won’t change. If you accept a counter offer you may have a bump in salary, but most likely it won’t change the real reasons why you want to leave.


If you accept a counter offer, it’s highly likely your boss will view you differently and, consciously or subconsciously, distrust you. To be fair, why wouldn’t your boss be suspicious of you? You’ve just quit your job and taken it back. They know you’re most likely going to quit again in the not too distant future. If a promotion opportunity arises, you will be certainly be bottom of the list.


Don’t forget you just accepted a new job with a new company that are keen to get you on board and truly value what you have to offer. Here’s an opportunity to challenge yourself, learn new things and save yourself from stagnating in a demotivating workplace – and you’re going to walk away from that offer!? PS, the company will most likely not have you back in the future if you reject the offer after accepting it. Going back on your promises is never a good professional choice.

If these reasons aren’t good enough for you, then look at the facts. 80% of employees who accept a counter offer leave within 6 months anyway.

Hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful. If you ever want a confidential discussion about your career, feel free to get in touch on joe.burridge@welovesalt.com.

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