Best Tip For Selling? The F.A.B. Presentation

I’ve used a lot of Bob Marshall’s writings for my Recruitment/Sales training. According to his very own website he “has an extensive background in the recruiting industry as a Recruiter, Manager, VP, President, Consultant and Trainer.  In 2013, Bob will be celebrating his 33rd year in the recruitment business”.

One particular article has stuck in my mind, simply because it makes so much sense! It’s called ‘The FAB Presentation’ (be warned: shouting “F.A.B.” around the office can make you look like some deranged Thunderbirds fan).

The best way to explain way to explain is with an example:




Facts about yourself

Significant measurable results the candidate obtained for their current or past employers

Educated guesses of what they can do for a new employer based on their features and accomplishments


Brilliant at new business development

Brought in 10 clients in the past 12 months. Through these clients 25 placements were made and grossed £250,000+ for current employer

The candidate has a proven track record of attaining profitable new business. The candidate can bring this knowledge and profits to you and your company

There are 10 main reasons why the FAB presentation works so well:

  1. It demands action of your recruit/candidate (qualifies the candidate)
  2. It emphasises a CV and can extra value that may not be clearly shown
  3. It gets the candidate thinking about how to sell themselves in a face-to-face interview. It self-prepares them for their interviews.
  4. It gives ammunition to your Hiring Manager for his boss if he isn’t the boss.
  5. It separates ‘lookers’ from sincerely interested recruits.
  6. You can use it in your presentation, i.e., Sales Linkage.
  7. You can use it in your closes.
  8. It makes you unique in the eyes of both your recruits and your Hiring Managers.
  9. It makes an intelligent, sales presentation.
  10. It saves you time!

Give it a go and feel free to give me your feedback!

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