What is a Data Scientist?

I find the hardest part about being a Recruitment Consultant who specialises in Big Data & Data Science is keeping on top of this accelerating, contemporary market. I truly have to consult and educate companies about what Big Data and Data Science is, how it will improve their business and what this type of person … Continue reading What is a Data Scientist?

A Crazy Week Of Shameless Self Promotion

It's been one of those times when great things all collide at once. Here's a snippet from what has happened in the last 7 days' (or so)...FEATURED ARTICLE IN DataIQ MAGAZINERAN THE RICHMOND HALF MARATHON (1hr 50mins)...IN THE NAME OF DATA!CO-HOSTED THE QUARTERLY ANALYTICS NETWORK EVENT AT THE SAS HEADQUARTERS IN CENTRAL LONDON

Big Data’s Big Debate: Does Intuition Have a Place in Data?

Nate Silver – “Data-driven predictions can succeed — and they can fail. It is when we deny our role in the process that the odds of failure rise. Before we demand more of our data, we need to demand more of ourselves”No doubt you’ve heard ‘the hype’ about Big Data and that we need it…RIGHT … Continue reading Big Data’s Big Debate: Does Intuition Have a Place in Data?

Data Analytics Event: London – 27th March – SAS Institute

I’m co-hosting a Data Analytics Networking event with Sayara Beg, Chair of the Operational Research Society. SAS UK has very generously offered event space and food at The Innovation Hub on 199 Bishopsgate, London. See below a link to the MeetUp page and a description of the event. There are very limited spaces so if … Continue reading Data Analytics Event: London – 27th March – SAS Institute

Valentines Day Analytics Infographic

Using data from Google Analytics, Nielsen, and Experian, Phoenix and NYC-based digital marketing firm iAcquire examined 2012 web traffic and behavioral data across several leading online dating sites. The study’s goal was to determine patterns in online dating around Valentine’s Day, and to see who was doing what with whom online. source: http://www.business2community.com

Big Data Does Not Make You Money

Arthur Conan Doyle – “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data” That’s right, Big Data does not make you money. Hopefully after this article you will be like this impressive guy above, pulling money out of a Data Analytics application on his computer... As my avid followers will recall, in a … Continue reading Big Data Does Not Make You Money

Big Man on Google Campus

David White – “The companies who say that they don’t use the data they have acquired, in 5 years won’t exist” Naturally, it was raining in London last night so it was good to be snuggled into the ground floor of the Shoreditch Google Campus surrounded by like-minded Data Analytics enthusiasts. Why were we there? To … Continue reading Big Man on Google Campus

Why Do I Specialise in Data Analytics?

At the start of every quarter here at Salt, all employees must draft a Quarterly Business Plan. This is an incredibly useful task that inspires self-analysis to create focus. Below is my introduction. It serves as a constant reminder as to why I am passionate about Data Analytics and why this is unequivocally the best … Continue reading Why Do I Specialise in Data Analytics?

Tableau, Splunk and My Grandad

  John Wayne – “Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday” Above is a picture of John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in the 1969 classic True Grit. My Grandfather (also named John) is a huge fan so any mention of John Wayne instantly sparks thoughts of the old fella. Over Christmas I was sat … Continue reading Tableau, Splunk and My Grandad